Payment Initiation

Accept online payments in a simpler, more efficient and secure way, taking advantage of Fabrick’s PISP license.

Create smooth and fast checkout experiences

Thanks to Fabrick’s Payment Information Service Provider (PISP) license, even your company, which does not operate in the financial sector, can reap the benefits of Open Banking.

This service allows you to carry out a SEPA transfer on behalf of end customers, thus avoiding them going through their home banking for payments.


Through a simple integration via API, your business and individual clients can choose to pay via the “account to account” method, thus directly from their current account, without interrupting the flow of your product/service.

This translates into a frictionless and less error-prone customer experience because the user doesn’t have to type anything manually.


Thanks to the application of a fixed fee per transaction, the cost is significantly lower than more traditional payment methods, especially for high-value transactions.

Furthermore, since the amount, IBAN, and reference are pre-set, payments are automatically pre-reconciled by definition!

How it works

The typical three-part scheme enabled by PSD2 leaves room for "fourth parties" or all those subjects that, despite not having financial services as their core business, want to seize Open Banking opportunities.

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1. Payment initiation request

During the online purchase experience of your product/service, end customers select the Payment Initiation service (PIS) as their payment method.

2. Bank selection and service acceptance

Customers are then redirected to a Fabrick’s web page where they indicate the bank account through which they intend to pay and confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of the service and the Privacy Policy.

3. Payment finalization

By giving explicit consent via Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), customers then authorize Fabrick to execute the payment. Fabrick immediately sends the outcome of the operation to your company and the receipt to customers.

Use Cases

  • Direct payment for e-commerce

    It allows e-commerce to initiate payments directly from buyers’ current account

  • Advanced cash pooling

    It provides tools to business customers that want to manage their current accounts and cash flow fulfillment in an automated way

  • Automatic reconciliation

    It is a tool for reconciling payments on various current accounts held by the same company, preventing payments from being made from an account with not enough funds.

  • Pay by link

    It allows merchants to collect a payment remotely by sending the customer a simple link via email or SMS.


By integrating the PISP service via API, merchants can save on commissions by offering the customer an alternative payment method which is also valid for large amounts and for those clients who do not have credit cards.

One of the main advantages of the PISP solution is the possibility to make recurring payments by requiring customers to carry out SCA only to enable the first payment of the series. For example, in the case of a contract with a utility.



Cash pooling allows for moving money between different accounts that a company typically uses to manage its operations.

The financial manager can analyze the cash flows on the various accounts and initiate the transfer of a sum of money to one of them, balancing the available balances based on the expected outgoings. This allows for optimized account management by creating ad-hoc mechanisms for the transfer of money based on the individual needs of companies.



Even today, most companies carry out the reconciliation manually, an extremely costly process in terms of both time and resources. With the PISP solution, there is no longer need to reconcile, as payments are by definition pre-reconciled: amount, IBAN, and description are pre-set.

Consequently, the company obtains significant cost optimization considering the still widespread manual operations.



The PISP service allows you to receive remote payments from customers who are not in store, avoiding any problem related to payment on delivery. The service is particularly convenient for those who receive recurring or repetitive payments and is useful for those who do not have an e-commerce.

Once customers receive the link via e-mail or SMS, they can choose their bank account and authorize the payment.


They chose us


This large energy company has seized the opportunities offered by PSD2 to improve the purchasing experience of its retail and business customers, adding to the methods of recharging its digital wallet for the purchase of fuel also direct debit on current accounts with clear advantages on retention.


This equity crowdfunding platform uses Fabrick’s PISP license in ‘as a service’ mode to enable investors to pay directly from a current account, guaranteeing a more complete, fluid and personalized experience since operations take place directly from the website without having to log into home banking or other applications.


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The space for your developers

Open banking has huge potential in terms of creating new digital and personalized banking services for both retail and corporate customers. For developers there is a wide range of opportunities to build new business.

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