PSD2 API Gateway

The compliance solution to PSD2 for ASPSPs

The Fabrick PSD2 Gateway is a software platform offered to payment service providers which consists of a dedicated API based interface for Third Party Providers (TPPs) according to the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (PSD2) and the relevant RTS (EU) 2018/389 on SCA and CSC.

Indeed, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway enables ASPSPs and TPPs to be fully compliant with the PSD2.

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TPP Authentication

Check of a TPP’s eIDAS certificate providing the proof of its origin, information concerning the TPP’s identity and the corresponding PSD2 roles. If any critical regulatory data of the PPT changes, instant notifications enable immediate blocks of the unauthorized TTPs

PSU Authentication through SCA

The PSU authentication system adheres to the Berlin Group’s standards and, as required by PSD2, provides SCA functionality via dynamic OTP connections. Each ASPSP can choose which methods to expose to its customers.

Consents Management

Set of dedicated APIs that, within the PSD2 perimeter, allow TPPs to request access to online payment accounts and manage the "consent register", ensuring that their respective PSUs have given consent.

Accounts and Cards Access Management

Functionalities enabling TPPs to execute specific API calls concerning balance request, transactions list and funds availability to ASPSPs to access payment data according to the Berlin Group standards. It is also possible to set the maximum number of unattended calls.

Payment Request management

API calls enabling PIS Providers to execute payments directly through servicing accounts and, on PISPs’ request, to manage the SCA for each single payment.


Rely on the stability of Berlin Group standards

Our system adopts the Berlin Group standards, a set of pan-European payments interoperability standards and an harmonization initiative with the primary objective of defining open and common schemes and processor-independent standards for the API initiatives of the European open-banking ecosystem.

Modular system architecture

The business architecture enabled by the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway is the one provided by the XS2A interface (Access to accounts) required by the PSD2 Directive. Through the Public Layer PSD2-API, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway provides TPPs with the access interface to payment accounts of PSUs. On the other side, through the ASPSPs Interface Layer, the Fabrick PSD2 Gateway enables connection to Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs).

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