Complaints And Dispute Settlement Systems

Your satisfaction is a daily goal for Fabrick and the handling of a complaint represents a moment of listening and attention that allows us to meet your needs and promptly identify any reasons of discomfort. We pay close attention to all your requests in order to provide you with clear answers and solve your problem.


How to make a compliant to Fabrick

You can submit a formal complaint using this Complaints Form or by sending an e-mail from a certified email address (PEC) or a standard email to the PEC address

In accordance with the current Transparency Provisions, Fabrick will respond promptly and in any case within 15 working days of receiving the complaint.

In exceptional circumstances, if it is not possible to respond within the terms indicated for reasons beyond our control, we will send a preliminary answer, indicating the reasons for the delay and specifying the term within which you will receive a definitive reply.

In any case, the deadline for receiving the final answer does not exceed 35 working days.


Dispute Settlement Systems

In case you are not satisfied with the answers provided or have not received an answer, we remind you that according to current legislation you have the possibility to contact:

  • Banking and Financial Ombudsman (Arbitrato Bancario Finanziario, ABF)

    The Banking and Financial Ombudsman is an out-of-court alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme for disputes between customers and banks and other financial intermediaries, concerning banking and financial transactions and services.
    It represents a more simple, rapid and cheaper solution than that offered by the civil courts.

    The ABF carries out its tasks and decides disputes as an independent and impartial body, assisted in its work by the Bank of Italy.

    For more information, you can:


  • Banking Ombudsman (even without prior compliant):

    The Banking Ombudsman (Conciliatore BancarioFinanziario) is an association that offers various ways to address and solve issues between banking and financial intermediaries and their customers.

    You can contact this body, for example, in the event that you choose to rely on an independent third party, called a “mediator” (which will be chosen by the Banking Ombudsman itself), which will have the task of facilitating the parties’ attempt to reach a spontaneous agreement.

    For more information, you can:

Please be mindful that it is mandatory, before taking any legal action, to try to reach a spontaneous agreement. For example, the aforementioned ABF and the Banking Ombudsman or any other organization recognized by the Ministry of Justice can be used to perform this mandatory attempt at reconciliation.



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