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Everyday banking made easy

BBVA offers a fee-free online account experience with commision free banking. BBVA delivers an easy-to-use, transparent and convenient fully digital banking solution to meet people’s everyday financial needs.

Key highlights

BBVA launches its retail bank in Italy with a fully digital experience. The Group brings more than 160 years of history and expertise from being the banking leader in countries across Europe and South America. In addition to its recognition as one of the best digital banking experiences worldwide.

This expansion strategy is built on key partnerships with solid and recognized local providers to offer a range of payment services and banking solutions that fit the needs of the country it arrives.

Fabrick is a key partner for enabling BBVA’s arrival in Italy, which stands out in the national scene as the only embedded finance platform with API solutions.

Transparent and Pay-per-use: offers online banking with many no-cost services, and some “pay-per-use” services which are only paid by use.

Financial Wellness: BBVA objective is to help its clients reach their financial and personal goals, manage their money effectively to achieve financial wellness with easy-to-use tools designed to save money and keep your finances in check.

servizi bancari in API

Why did BBVA choose Fabrick as a partner?

In the Italian scenario in which BBVA chose to launch itself, Fabrick together with Sella, were and are the only ones ready to offer what was needed to implement its expansion strategy, both at the level of API’s banking services platform and at the level of contracts compliant with current regulations. Fabrick was able to secure market entry exceptionally quickly for this sector.

servizi bancari bbva


BBVA’s adventure with Fabrick and Sella, has only just begun: it started off with a go-to-market time of 10 months, from zero, to the app available on the Italian market.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform.