Fast Scoring

Leverage the innovative scoring model developed by Fabrick, based on PSD2 data and AI, to obtain a faster, more accurate and inclusive credit rating. This way you can optimize approval rates and improve customer experience.

Credit based on the customer lifestyle

Traditional creditworthiness analysis is strongly based on the evaluation of negative elements, such as late payment, arrears and defaults.

By providing detailed and multi-bank financial information on transactions carried out by customers, Open Finance allows for a richer and more complete information asset to evaluate their solvency, designing their lifestyles and capturing risk relationships that are currently precluded.

How it works

Multi-bank PSD2 transactional data is acquired by Fabrick via API and is categorized. Then, this data is enriched through artificial intelligence algorithms and given to our predictive models, which carry out an automated analysis of a customer’s spending behavior and return an instant scoring, associated with a maximum sustainable loan rate.



Access to a more consistent and precise information set and the ability to aggregate the customer’s multi-bank accounts allow to grasp risk relationships that are currently closed.


More accurate decisions enable an increase in approval rates and a 14% reduction in ‘invalid leads’, with clear cost benefits.


The assessment procedure takes place in a few minutes and the results of the risk calculation are returned immediately, for a smooth and fast user experience.

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