Open Finance

Open Finance is reshaping the future of financial services, enabling more advanced customer experiences for the end customer in an end-to-end logic, maximizing the convergence between Open Payment and Open Banking.

Who we are

Part of the Sella Group, Fabrick is an ecosystem that has been promoting Open Finance internationally, through the development of innovative digital services based on the logic of Open Banking, since 2018. Our open platform connects players in a cross-industry logic and natively orchestrates Open Payments and Open Banking services, simplifying innovation in financial services for Banks, Fintechs and Corporates.

The open platform approach enables the creation of new business models and new use cases by leveraging the huge power of open data, reducing innovation costs and the time-to-marker for the players involved.

Fabrick’s solutions for Open Finance

Fabrick Pass – PISP

By leveraging the AISP/PISP licenses, Fabrick enriches its enabling model, which also provides for the provision of services in an ‘as-a-service’ mode. The AISP license allows, with the explicit consent of the customer and in compliance with GDPR, to access current account – such as the list of transactions and balance – and payment data.


Fabrick Pass – AISP

By leveraging the AISP/PISP licenses, Fabrick enriches its enabling model, which also provides for the provision of services in an ‘as-a-service’ mode. The PISP license allows a customer to initiate the transfer of money from a current account via the SEPA transfer, thus creating a solution that avoids the paying customer having to “go to the bank” to make a payment.



The Payment & Collection Engine is a digital platform for the integrated and centralised management of omnichannel payments, dedicated to end customers and sales networks, applicable in several spaces: from insurance to large-scale distribution, from retail to pension funds.


Digital Mandate

Allows a company to collect a payment from the bank by direct debit. It is the way in which the customer agrees to provide information (on all IBANs) in exchange for a specific service.


Digital Onboarding

A modular, digital, customer onboarding solution aimed at Financial Institutions, FinTechs, SMEs, and Corporates that allows you to increase conversion, speeding up the registration of new users, improving their experience, and reducing the risk of error.



To manage recurring payments in an agile and secure way, Fabrick has studied a modular solution for SEPA Direct Debits, an innovative payment system that replaces RID direct debits. Thanks to the collaboration with Banca Sella, the operation of collection becomes even simpler and more efficient with benefits that also impact the customer satisfaction of the final client


Check IBAN

It is a solution belonging to the Open Finance paradigm that allows a client to instantly verify the actual matching of an IBAN code to a specific Tax Code or VAT number.


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