Biometric SCA

It enables biometric SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) directly inside banking apps using technology available in the smartphone, allowing banks to offer innovative and secure authentication services to their customers.

Biometric authentication and PSD2 compliance

A biometric recognition platform exposed by Fabrick as an SDK, to allow banks to provide end customers with value-added services such as face ID or touch ID by way of a simple integration within their apps.


A solution that uses the Identity Check Mobile (IDCM) system and uses biometrics for the 3Dsecure protocol in authorizing financial transactions


The Fabrick solution brings together the integration between the credit card circuit players and the bank itself simply and rapidly.

Simplified integration of the IDCM

The solution simplifies the time-to-market of the IDCM, while still being able to support the main credit card system providers. It can be developed in white label or customized according to customer needs

Respect for privacy

Biometric data never leave the phone and are used only to encrypt and decrypt signatures. Access keys are certified only for a specific device and a specific user.

Biometric SCA: possible evolutions

The system can work for any bank transaction on your bank account, from the log in phase, via mobile app or on the bank’s website, to the ordering of a money transfer via home banking, thus assuming a Strong Costumer Authentication position, able to cover all the scenarios envisaged by the PSD2.

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