Card Control

Card Control is a solution, offered in several variants, that allows you to control your debit and credit cards directly from your smartphone, via an app and thus manage your finances in a more efficient and timely manner.


Through Card Control, Fabrick bridges the communications between the digital services of the Bank and the Credit card’s issuers via simple box set of APIS, stimulating the end customer to manage their cards in a smart and effective way.


The first recipients of Card Control are those banks and financial institutions who can find a partner for the optimization of value-added services for their customers


End customers of banking institutions, whether private or business, will benefit from new ways of checking cards and manage spending

Checking, monitoring, warning: for final customers and businesses

In the wide range of tools enabled by the Card Control platform, there are some dedicated features aimed in particular at business management needs on the one side, and larger families on the other.

Main features

In real-time control and alerting

It allows to set various types of alerts so as to be constantly updated in real time and to have complete control of the credit cards owned

Expense management and budgeting

With a few easy steps it is possible to limit the budget, the countries where to have the card active, as much as for the payment channels enabled, all while offering a careful analysis of spending patterns.

Virtual card and all major circuits

Card Control works with all major credit card circuits and offers active operations even with virtual cards.

Business Pack

Company virtual cards on any credit card system, with the possibility to centralize control of transactions, profiling of employee spending habits and upstream settings for the budgets of the various professional figures

Family Parental Card Control

Card Control becomes a fundamental feature even for financial management with the rest of the family, where a parent can check the children’s card, block certain product areas or decide to reward virtuous behaviour

End-to-end solution

The solution is offered both end-to-end, with the front-end app included, and on the back-end, in which the SDK is shared instead of the packaged app, which can then be easily implemented in the user identification and recording system.

A flexible architecture

The flexible architecture also allows for a series of solutions which, based on similar architectures, enable a wide range of services.

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