Card Control

By delivering real-time payment notifications and the option to temporarily “freeze” their credit or debit card, Card Control gives users the power to manage where, when and how their cards are being used and provides a greater sense of security about their transactions. Card Control is a suite of products which issuers can offer to both business and retail customers for debit and credit card portfolios.


With CardControl, banks have the opportunity to deliver added value to their customers and to boost card usage by providing a greater sense of security to cardholders.

Regular, timely notifications are an opportunity for customer engagement.

More active card management by customers leads to lower fraud and lower card re-issuance costs.


Controls for Business allows owners to empower staff with company credit or debit cards whilst setting the scope of how those cards can be used. Instant notification of spending and the ability to block or freeze cards enables precise expense management and can be easily extended to automate receipt capture and reporting.
Business owners can set budgets for individuals or departments and choose to restrict card use by channel, location and amount.


Consumers can protect themselves against fraud by choosing the level of control they want.

• Want to know when your card is charged? Turn on notifications.
• Not comfortable with Contactless? Turn it off.
• Worried about online fraud? Turn off online payments until you need to make an online payment yourself.
• Can’t find your card? Temporarily freeze it until you locate it then unfreeze it and keep spending.

Card Control per il business

Controls for business

Many business owners are reluctant to give employees a business debit card for fear of inappropriate use, despite the benefits around expense management and budgetary control.

With Controls for Business, the risk of inappropriate use can be minimised through a combination of payment notifications to the owner and controls on how the debit card may be used.
Employees can add notes and photos of receipts to their app and an expense report can be exported for review and reporting.

The service can be delivered as an SDK, branded app, website or any combination. Larger organisations may need the convenience of managing employee cards via a website, whilst department managers or SME’s can do so in real-time with a mobile app.

Main features

Real-time Alerts and Controls

Notifications inform users of the amount, time and retailer every time their card is used. With real-time controls, users can temporarily freeze the card, or set blocks for different payment categories such as gambling or types such as; online, in-store, contactless or at ATMs

Expense Management and Budgeting

Users can set spending limits for themselves, by category. When they exceed a category spending limit they receive a warning notification. Easy to read graphs show users their spending against budget, per category and overall

Virtual Cards and Card Schemes

Card Control works for both Mastercard and VISA debit and credit cards. Controls and alerts can be applied to Mastercard virtual cards.

Controls for Business

Allows for the centralised control and monitoring of all business debit and credit cards. The business owner can set the functionality of each card, or each team’s cards, deciding where, when and how the cards may be used

Card Control for Kids

Encourages the development of a child’s financial independence within a secure space. The child has their own card and app but parents can see all transactions on their child’s card and can restrict its use online and set maximum transaction amounts

End-to-end solution

Card Control is offered as a platform-based service which can be delivered as an SDK, as a stand-alone mobile app, or as a web-based dashboard. The white label app and website is branded to mirror the corporate branding of the bank. An admin portal for bank staff and customer support staff is also available.

A flexible architecture

As a modular solution, hosted on Fabrick’s platform, Card Control can easily be enhanced with additional services such as Biometric SCA for transaction authentication, PFM for enhanced budgeting tools, or loyalty programmes such as “cash back” or coupons.

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