Business Financial Management

The suite of services designed to best serve micro and small businesses. Help your business customers to automate corporate administrative management and optimize their financial dynamics.

Improve your service to companies by leveraging managerial and transactional data

The BFM suite includes multiple services that can be adopted in a modular way, delivered via API through the Fabrick’s platform.


The multiplicity of expenses and incoming and outgoing movements risks causing companies to lose track of the overall picture.
Help them to have a summary view thanks to the automatic categorization of transactions and invoices, according to the typical entries of a company’s income statement and with customizable rules.

Categorization can be done:

  • post reconciliation of the movement with the respective invoice: thanks to the data enrichment provided by the managerial data
  • in the absence of reconciliation: through semantic analysis and machine learning activities


The reconciliation of active and passive invoices with the respective movements represents one of the most time-consuming administrative activities in companies, due to high manual skills.

The automatic reconciliation engine returns one or more corresponding movements for each invoice, thanks to data analytics and artificial intelligence algorithms.

To read the movements, it is necessary to integrate Fabrick’s PSD2 APIs or the Fabrick PASS service with AISP license.


In small businesses, taking the right decisions can be a difficult task without an adequate ability to forecast income and expenses.

Solve this challenge with modules dedicated to:

  • the forecast of credit/debit VAT
  • the management of cash flows, with forecast to 90 days of cash inflows and outflows and evidence of any liquidity needs


Why give up today on something that can be done tomorrow?

Help your customers to create virtual “money boxes” for launching future projects and accompany them in daily budget management, thanks to an alert system for exceeding predefined spending thresholds.


Banks / Business Aggregators / Fintechs

Better understanding of customers’ business performance and more accurate risk assessment

Improved engagement capacity thanks to the possibility of building customized commercial offers, based on data relating to the financial situation of the company

Improved customers’ journeys thanks to the offer of integrated experiences


Improved financial literacy

Better coordination of financial needs, business monitoring and costs control

Greater efficiency in the management of administrative activities

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