Personal Financial Management

Offer your customers a single multi-bank access point, where they can control and manage their finances. Help them analyze how they spend today, make projection for the future, and plan their personal savings projects.

Increase your customers’ financial culture

The PFM is a modular suite built around the method of account aggregation which allows you to manage, within a single application, the current accounts held at different banking institutions.


Make your customers fully aware of their financial situation by helping them to analyze all the details of income and expenses. The original data is enriched by artificial intelligence algorithms that classify transactions into 30 different categories and as many sub-categories.


Support your clients by giving them the possibility to have everything under control activating push notifications that signal the exceeding of a certain budget, a new movement or a payment request. This is customizable for categories of expenditure and/or for specific accounts.


No more unexpected expenses: the artificial intelligence solutions applied to payments allow you to automatically recognize future spending forecasts, for example by anticipating bills, mortgage payments and other various deadlines.


Help your customers realize their dreams and personal projects by facilitating the accumulation of funds, also via gamification. Customers will be able to decide whether to set aside savings on a recurring and automatic basis or manually.

How it works

The PFM is available in SaaS mode.

It is fed with payment transaction data in 2 ways:

  1. Directly from the core banking system via “transactions off loading“.
  2. Data relative to payments made with other banks are acquired by the Fabrick Active PSD2 Gateway, with which the PFM is natively integrated.

After having been “enriched” by the Fabrick’s categorization and enrichment engine, the data is made available via REST API for commercial use or asynchronously, to populate the banking data lake.

esempio illimity personal financial management


Thanks to the collaboration with Fabrick, through the Illimity Connect service, customers can: check balances and movements related to all their accounts from a single access point, have a complete overview of their spending habits and make predictions on future expenses and deadlines, without ever leaving the app.

mockup dots per app di banking online


DOTS is the light banking App of Bibanca S.p.A. that Fabrick has developed by responding to the innovation objectives of the BPER Group towards Millennials and Generation Z. One of the features underlying the app is the PFM tool, which allows young people to monitor their finances in a simple and intuitive way.

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