Onboarding solutions tailored to your service

Fabrick provides a modular digital customer onboarding solution allowing Financial Institutions, Fintech, SMEs and Corporates to increase conversion rates, speeding up the registration of new users, improving their experience and reducing the risk of error.

The first impression is what matters

Bringing a client onboard successfully is the first step in creating a long-lasting relationship.

When this does not happen, it is because the customer is experiencing t least one of the following issues:


• Extremely long onboarding process

• To much information requested

• Only partially digital procedure/process


Thanks to Fabrick’s modular offering, it’s possible to build customer onboarding processes tailored to your product or service, automating the entry of information, minimizing manual operations and offering the customer a seamless and fast experience, without any friction.


Ready To Go

The onboarding solutions are available “as a service” for simple integration and reduced time to market


Choose and pay only for what your business needs. We will help you select the necessary set of information to optimize your processes

KYC Compliance

We simplify customer verification, preventing fraud or identity theft through automated checks on global watchlists


Save time for the registration, identification and acquisition of documents


Automatically retrieve data and information to proceed with a more timely and appropriate verification


Choose only what is functional for your onboarding process, thanks to our APIs

How it works

1. Orchestrazione

Thanks to the modularity of our offer, we orchestrate an end-to-end onboarding process tailored to your product or service that is fully automated or, if you prefer, with the additional support of an operator.

2. Identity verification

We offer the customer different identification methods, balancing the security and fluidity of the experience: document upload, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithms, checks with selfies and/or video selfies and via unique keys.

3. Data retrieval

Through specific APIs and Service Provider services, we retrieve information from the Public Digital Identity System (SPID) and the ‘Telemaco’ service of the Chamber of Commerce

4. Appropriate verification

We have an extremely customizable risk engine for appropriate verification. What are the available options? Reputation lists, document control and solutions derived from PSD2 such as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Check IBAN.

5. Contractualization

We enable a dynamic and personalized drafting of the contract based on the products, services and options selected: throughout the process all the documentation is generated in a single contractual set that needs to be digitally signed.

6. Subscription

Upon completion of the onboarding process, the customer can start using the services offered following the finalization of the payment. Our APIs make collection and payment transactions automated and simple.

Where to start from?

Integrate into the subscription process the identification via SPID for your service or automatically verify the data of a company thanks to the connection with the Business Register (Company Registration Report).

Do you work in B2C? Integrate the SPID

Over 30 million users have activated their digital identity in Italy. We can help you build online services with authentication based on SPID credentials. This simplifies and speeds up access, identification and registration for private users, who do not need their own identity document anymore.

i vantaggi dell'open banking

Do you work in B2B? Integrate data from the Business Register

The Telemaco Business Register (Company Registration Report) is the registry of all companies with any legal form in Italy. Thanks to our APIs, you can easily and directly access data updated in real time concerning personal data, governance, corporate structure, any bankruptcy procedures of the company and other useful information for speeding up, for example, a funding practiced/loan request.

Instantly verify account ownership

Are you a Fintech or a financial intermediary? With Fabrick’s Check IBAN solution you can automate the identity check during the onboarding phase, instantly verifying the actual matching of an IBAN code with a specific Tax Code or VAT number.

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