Digital Mandate

It allows a company to collect a payment from the bank by direct debit: this is how the customer agrees to provide information (on all the Ibans) in exchange for a specific service.

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The digital mandate allows the company to withdraw a sum from the customer’s current account. It has legal value thanks to the use of FEA, the Advanced Electronic Signature, and the storage of the document for 20 years as well as being used throughout Europe.

Easy to use

It is a bridging solution that allows any company, even those with legacy systems, to be digitally advanced. No software or hardware is needed: the Digital Mandate is plug and play.

Always ready

Unlike the e-mandate, the Digital Mandate can be converted into a pdf and printed out, ensuring that it can be easily used even by companies that are not yet digitally advanced.

Verify IBAN codes in real time

The digital mandate signing process is made even more fluid by Fabrick’s Check IBAN solution: you can instantly instantly verify the actual matching of an IBAN code with a specific Tax Code or VAT number.

Acronimi chiave


Sepa Direct Debit

Sepa Direct Debit is an electronic service that enables direct debit collection.

Advanced Electronic Signature

The Advanced Electronic Signature makes it possible to give legal value to a digital document in the event of disputes. It is provided by Infocert.

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product digital mandate

Who it is aimed at

The digital mandate is a transversal tool, suitable for all companies that are launching themselves online. This is because it allows you to update your company’s legacy system without any technological trauma. Even those who are opening an e-commerce should equip themselves with the digital mandate and finally, all those who are planning to offer their customers payment by/via/through instalments.

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Applicable throughout Europe

No more entry barriers

Easy to use

No software or hardware required

No more delays

Solution streamline procedures

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Fabrick is also a leader in SDD


Legal value with the AdES

No more unpleasant surprises with customers

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