SEPA Direct Debit

To manage recurring payments in an agile and secure way Fabrick has designed a modular solution for SDD, an innovative payment system that replaces RID. Thanks to collaboration with Sella, the collection operation becomes even simpler and more efficient, with benefits that also impact on customer satisfaction.

Effective and simple management of recurring payments through sdd to seize all business opportunities promptly

End-customer retention

Offering a quick and easy procedure for SDD collection significantly improves the customer experience: the end customer will benefit from a practical and concrete advantage, the merchant will have an additional lever to increase his loyalty.

Modularity and Security

With the new SDD management procedure it is possible to customise one’s own management method, build recurring revenue streams and considerably reduce operational risks.

soluzioni per le banche

Aruba for its core payments chooses Fabrick

A company with a large number of customers to manage, committed to launching new innovative services, Aruba relies heavily on recurring payments both to ensure economic stability but also a competitive growth rate. By choosing Fabrick’s SDD solution, thanks to its simple and effective technology, it has been able to benefit from convenient costs, very fast times suited to the context in which it operates and maximum transparency both on payment flows and processes.

Main Benefits


The mandate form can be from Fabrick or another provider.


The core module of the Fabrick SDD service allows you to connect to any bank in order to extend the reach of the solution and the usability by merchants and end customers.


The collection operation can take place both on Banca Sella and on any other bank, even through a legacy system and/or another provider.

Simpler, more transparent and convenient payments

“Recurring payments are the basis of the new economy: selling not goods but services. SDD with Fabrick is a tool designed to simplify this process, keeping operating costs low and maximising IT transparency for more effective management.”

Giulio Tartaglia, 
Head of Open Finance

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