Smart Banking

A modular solution developed by Fabrick to meet new market needs. By virtuously combining technologies and licences, the aim is to meet the most diverse needs for banking services through smartphones, adapting to the distinctive characteristics of the customer.

Benefits and opportunities

The ever-increasing demand for digital services, especially via smartphones, and the growing use of electronic payment instruments, also thanks to the introduction of the PDS2 directive, are the two main factors behind the success of smart banking.


Available in white label, in fact, Fabrick Smart Banking is a mobile application into which various services can be integrated, from opening current accounts to payment services and other value-added services.


This solution is built on Fabrick’s open banking platform, which brings with it advantages such as the ability to adapt to customer needs and the ease with which the platform can be integrated into existing or new technological frameworks, whether national or international in scope.

Key Features

Evolving smart bank services

Evolving the concept of banking services for the customer base (existing or developing) by giving access to a wider financial ecosystem. Ideal for expanding your offering to include banking services traditionally not present in your business

Consolidated and fully digital onboarding process

End-to-end management of the end customer (from onboarding, through contracting to use of the service)

Value Added Services

Basic services: personal financial management and piggy bank management; evolved services (on demand): integration through OPEN API architecture of solutions internal or external to the Fabrick platform

Focus User Experience

Possibility of integrating the Fabrick White Label with colours and logos in line with one’s own positioning and branding choices

APP iOS/Android

Application with modular services linked to dispositive transactions (P2P, bank transfers, utility bills, phone top-ups, etc.), management of electronic money balances, digital and/or physical payment cards


architettura smart banking fabrick

Modularity to meet every need

The structure underpinning Fabrick’s Smart Banking solution clearly shows how it is based on a combination of several components representing the variety of Fabrick’s ecosystem and the opportunities it can offer to those seeking innovative banking services to meet new customer expectations.

Fabrick producers involved


Fabrick, with its platform, provides access to the operations of the company’s current accounts and the intermediaries in the distribution network. Thanks to its rich ecosystem, it is also able to offer solutions for the automatic reconciliation of both physical and digital payments

Hype, the largest challenger bank in Italy, provides its Smart Banking functionality so that this Fabrick solution can be developed in co-branded mode.

A use case

With DOTS Fabrick has proved itself capable of developing a tool for the management of “daily” banking that has allowed BPER Banca to approach people who are more distant from the offerings of “traditional” banks (Millennials, Generation Z) and those who, although familiar with digital technology, do not require advanced banking functions.

A use case

illimity Bank is the perfect embodiment of the “open” philosophy proposed by Fabrick, which proved up to the challenge of creating a complete banking information system that would allow the bank to be born “open by design”. Thanks to a set of APIs, the traditional banking application and the fintech solutions have been put into communication, giving rise to a highly modular proposal in which illimity can choose on which fronts to maintain proprietary control and on which to rely on Fabrick.

Benefits for banks

Increased market share by offering to a different market target than the one currently present.

Acquisition of best practices from the fintech world to renew customer service attitudes that are still too traditional and not immediate.

Participation and presence in a constantly evolving open banking ecosystem.

Benefits for all

Possibility of supporting the end customer in the preferred purchasing process by offering him a custom-made service based on his needs.

Customer loyalty.

Gain new market shares through a modern and user-friendly UX.

Possibility of proposing your services to a potential customer base.

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Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that facilitate the co-creation of customised financial solutions through a technological structure, the Fabrick platform.