SME Banking

The new digital platform and channel that allows you to offer your micro, small and medium-sized enterprise customers a complete fintech experience of accessing and consuming banking services, through an integrated approach with its management processes and able to support collaboration between all stakeholders.



Allows the bank to respond to the needs of businesses either through a whitelabel or customised digital channel, or directly by integrating with the corporate information system

Allows the bank to extend its service domain beyond the boundaries of transactional banking operations, addressing management needs related to banking activities (gateway to business digital services)

Supports the implementation of a consulting service model through web collaboration and data analysis


Provides a complete collection and payment operation

It is able to approximate the company’s delegation processes by allowing the management of multiple users with different operational profiles

Facilitates collaboration between the company and its partners (accountants, payroll, banks, etc.)


Multi bank by design

Gradual solution supporting various PSD2 CBI standards, to shield the complexity of accessing accounts and using collection and payment systems by harmonising the behaviour of local and remote relationships.


Offers the possibility of profiling the use of the solution, in order to make the platform responsive to company roles and operational processes.

Adaptable to even complex realities

Allows complex corporate organisational structures (e.g. holding and subholding companies) and owners of several activities to have a single view of their activities and supports professional firms, such as condominium managers and accountants, in monitoring their operations.

Multichannel by design

It makes it possible to use this service not only from a PC, but also from mobile devices with a fintech like customer experience.

Consulting opportunities

Enables the implementation of a remote consulting service model, through web collaboration solutions.


It is an open solution to host in a harmonious way vertical services, also implemented by other partners e.g. invoicing services, supply chain finance solutions…

IT Banking Ready

Exposure of all services via API, to be integrated into other digital properties.

Finance and accounting converge

“SME Banking was created with the aim of facilitating the convergence between the classic banking domain and the management domain (asset and liability cycle), generating value for companies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Marco Scappa, 
Head of SME

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