SME Banking

Discover the evolution of Corporate Banking enabled by Open Finance and offer small and medium-sized companies a new channel enhanced by additional integrated services

A single access, endless features

SME Banking is the digital platform that allows you to customize company services by leveraging the possibilities offered by the CBI, PSD2, or by direct integration of your core banking and through additional solutions in partnership with third-party fintech companies.
All this is accessible through a single channel, with an intuitive user experience.

Key features

Real time assets

Consult available assets in an aggregate way, updated in real time, with a multi-company and multi-bank approach

Staff management

Recreate the structure of your company and enable access to your collaborators (assistants, payroll office, supplier office) in a few clicks using the pre-set profiles or creating customized ones

Import and export of CBI flows

Upload and send the flows produced by your management system to the CBI circuit, download them to reconcile the results

Joint signatures and signature limits

Customize the management of joint signatures and the authorization limits of individual users

Centralized access to accounts and transactions

Consult more easily the information relating to all the accounts held at different institutions and the outcome of the inserted dispositions

Virtual Desk

entered more easily accessible Save the more complex layouts you’re working on as drafts to manage them later

Multiple payments and receipts

Set up multiple payment or collection transactions simultaneously with a single authorization


Set up personalized notifications (e.g., reminders on transactions to be authorized or payments due)

Value-added services

Digital CFO

It integrates the Digital CFO platform’s services, developed in partnership with PINV, with a customizable front-end, for a more complete administrative and financial management:

  • Cash flow management with up to 90-day forecasts
  • Classification and automatic reconciliation of invoices/transactions
  • Document repository and collaboration tools

Credit offering

Create a real «one-stop-shop» for customers, also integrating credit services:

  • Advanced invoices
  • Unsecured loan
  • Invoice Trading
  • Dynamic Discounting

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