Personal Financial Management

Budget analysis for empowering users

Have you ever noticed the power of visualization? Have you ever tried tools that help final users in their daily grind? Since the advent of the smart economy, Personal Financial Managment software has been about. Fabrick’s software layer, which allows customizing and editing financial data flows, offers a unique ML-powered engine that is a top-of-the-line tool capable of leveraging and operating on different data from multiple banks.

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Spend & Know

Understand spending patterns clearly, delve deep into the data, reveal behavioural insights, correct cash flows, and have a clearer picture of what you are doing. Knowing is a first step towards improving.

Save & Go

Saving is always for a bigger purpose. Fabrick’s module is easy to integrate and powerful in the insights it can offer. Set goals quickly, and create savings plans according to your needs. Deliver a solution which can help final users realize their dreams.

The Key is Customization

Learn from the software how to improve your financial management, but also teach the software how you can be helped more effectively. To be able to tweak labels, goals, and features to fit each and every need, a deliver a superior solution for the final user.

The Distinction is Multibanking

The power of Fabrick’s PFM solution can truly be appreciated in a PSD2, open-bank world, where the financial reality of most final users elicits the need to develop those same tools that help improve understanding from a wider, more diversified set of data: the data from accounts across multiple banks


Limitless labelling

Dynamic labelling, which learns not only from past interactions, but from user feeds, allowing to create truly insightful customizations

Smart budgeting

Successfully meet goals, improve your personal financial flows, and learn how to parcel flows efficiently.

Deep Analytics

Understand patterns and increase performance by improving management insights by clear and simple processes and visualizations

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