Fabrick Platform is the
technological backbone
empowering Fabrick

The Fabrick Platform is the technological backbone empowering Fabrick’s ecosystem, connecting its players to give life to their business models.

It works as an enabling infrastructure for banking services that go beyond the mere PSD2 compliance: from a payments gateway to a supply chain finance engine, from smart banking to the multiple account aggregation, from crowdfunding to investment services.

Fintechs, Corporates, Developers, Banks and Financial Institutions, are enabled to leverage the open, collaborative, API-based technological platform that orchestrates value-exchanging interactions within the fintech ecosystem.

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Our platform is all about openness: anyone can become a producer of APIs and add value to the entire ecosystem.

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Gain quick access to our APIs, through an open and registration-free process for Beta testing. Evaluate liberally, and see how easy integrating your value chain partners can be. Fabrick platform as a PSD2 gateway: We provide a service to expose your APIs and be fully compliant with the PSD2 regulation by applying the Berlin Group standards, which are the continent-wide tools to become a European player overnight.

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Payments are at the forefront of the digital revolution: with a fully customizable gateway, discover opportunities to manage credit cards, alternative payment systems, as well as innovative uses of traditional bank transfers and direct debits.

Equity Crowdfunding

If you are an Equity Crowdfunding portal, registered with the Italian Consumer Authority CONSOB, and you do verify investors. The Fabrick solution is the first, fully automatized service for the creation, management, and closure of collection campaigns.

Smart banking

Smart banking means accessing a banking service efficiently when you most require it: on your CRM, on a mobile app, wherever you want. With a full-fledged suite of white label features, it is possible to quickly build services on top of your existing core banking system.

Supply chain finance

Accessing credit and managing receipts can be half the job of any business: with a powerful engine that can be completely integrated into and management system, control invoice discounting and payment collection, dynamic discounting and reverse factoring, electronic invoicing and payment reconciliation as easily as never before.

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