Banking as a Service

The open finance model in which banks, platforms and third parties cooperate to develop and market financial services to their customers.

The advantages of innovative banking

When financial services typically offered by banks come online, these can also be offered by other players to their customers. As such business models change for everyone, in a new win-win scenario.


Companies that do not hold a banking or financial licence, have the possibility of including banking services in their offering, enriching them and making them more complete and effective in the eyes of the finally user.


Remove the most tedious accounting operations, which can now be carried out without any human interaction. This is Fabrick’s mission: simplified management by automating menial tasks by leveraging the power of APIs.

i vantaggi del banking as a service

What can it do for you?

Automatic reconciliation

It associates the payment transaction upstream with the paid title making the reconciliation process automatic for both physical and digital payments.

Deferred payments

Manages split and deferred payments, over time or recurring, and the regulation between the company and the credit institution.

Integrated SDD system

Fully integrates the SEPA Direct Debit payment system from the stipulation of the payment mandate (fully digital) to collection management.

Bank Account Reconciliation

Performs reconciliation between the transaction and the settlement, for payments made via SmartPOS, Virtual POS, Bank Transfer on Virtual IBAN and now also SEPA Direct Debit PSD2 PIS.

Cash Pooling

Improves corporate treasury management by centralising, virtually or effectively, all the financial resources (inflows and outflows) of a group in a single company.

Equity crowdfunding

Provides all the tools and technologies needed to launch, manage and monitor equity crowdfunding campaigns in a completely secure and compliant manner.

Fabrick producers involved


The first Italian player as a Service: Sella’s Banking as a Service enables any third party to offer any financial product and service to its customers.

With its platform, Fabrick provides access to the operations of the company’s current accounts and those of the intermediaries in the distribution network. Thanks to its rich ecosystem, it is also able to offer solutions for the automatic reconciliation of both physical and digital payments

Use case

This Spanish global bank chose Fabrick to land in Italy and present itself with an innovative offer, designed specifically for Italian clients, thus being able to adapt its services and business model to the peculiarities of the market and the needs of local customers. All this with a surprising time to market of less than 12 months.

An opportunity in many different areas

  • Business Enterprise

    New business horizons and new market spaces to be conquered.

  • E-commerce

    A sector in which automation linked to Banking As a Service can revolutionise business and productivity.

  • Regulated entities

    Discover the new markets and products with off-the-shelf software solutions.

Improved accounting and administration thanks to task automation embedded in management software

Expand the reach of new business models by enriching your offering with value-added financial services

Complete the payment flows by automating collection management

Explore the new ways of organizing your supply chain

Modular solutions available through an open and agile gateway

Learn of ways to introduce customized innovation at lower costs and with a faster go-to-market

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