Personal Financial Management

This personal financial management software has increased its importance exponentially with PSD2. It is a tool that allows you to customize and modify financial data flows in a very advanced way while maintaining an easy usability and becoming a fundamental support to optimize the management of your resources.

A snapshot of all current accounts, in one application

The PFM, thanks to PSD2, builds on the account aggregation, which is the ability to view and manage within a single application all the current accounts of the same end customer albeit at different banking institutions.


Offering the customer a picture of their general financial situation, on all banking institutions, means allowing quickly understanding the overall trend and better managing money and expenses


Allowing the customer, the possibility to aggregate and complete management of all accounts, quickly, conveniently and effectively means providing them with new tools for planning their savings.

personal financial management


The PFM is a modular tool, therefore customizable according to needs. It is composed of three types of modules, each one both interdependent from the others and yet independent.

Module 1: Transactions

Artificial intelligence solutions applied to payments that allow you to automatically obtain future spending forecasts, for example by anticipating bills, mortgage payments and various deadlines.

Module 2: Analytics

Advanced search tools with customized options – such as alerts, in ‘push’ mode – that automatically alert you when exceeding spending limits.

Module 3: Savings

Application of gamification to savings, to allow the customer to decide whether to put savings aside in a recurring and automatic way or manually, for example through rounding spending.

Why is our PFM different?

Innovation for market needs

An in-depth knowledge of the reference market combined with the commitment to innovate by embracing cutting-edge technologies starting from Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and going up to the most refined analysis tools


Ready-to-go Thanks to the modularity of the tool, Fabrick is able to provide its business customers with a ready-to-go solution that is simple to implement through the set of APIs that connect it to current accounts.

Agile development and time to market

As Fabrick is structured, it becomes possible to develop new solutions that meet specific needs, with extreme speed, following criteria of fluidity and ‘agile development’. The result is a market-beating time-to-market

Range of all-round services

Strategic partner and technology enabler: Fabrick can be both. It provides its business customers with what it needs as needs evolve: from the back-end to the front-end solution downloaded by the end customer.

esempio illimity personal financial management

illimity: an exemplary use case

illimity has seized the opportunity given by Fabrick to assemble and perfect the PFM software, enabling end customers to a double advantage: helping them to intuitively understand the progress of their current accounts and designing solutions for improving money management, including different saving plans

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