PSD2 Active Engine

To be active in fintech, today, new revenue opportunities and new competitive levers are needed. Fabrick offers them to you by proposing innovative business and collaboration models that, thanks to the PSD2 directive, enable services and products aimed at improving the financial management of companies and users.

What is this product?

A set of APIs that allows you to easily access the accounts of all banks by initializing payments to all Italian banks, in the future also to European banks.


Fabrick’s solution is easy to integrate, requires no on-premise installations and is as-a-service. It is a turnkey service.


The modularity of the solution allows you to easily scale and deal with change in a progressive way, thanks to the use of REST APIs for data packet transmission.

Key acronyms


Third Party Provider

Intermediaries providing a PIS, an AIS or other payment services

Account Information Service Provider

Account information service providers that allow to aggregate accounts into a single tool

Payment Initiation Service Provider

Payment initiation service providers that allow to make a bank payment directly without resorting to a bank app

Account Information Service Provider

Entity that controls the customer’s online banking account and has a direct service contract with the current account holder

Find out how it works

If you are interested in understanding how our solution works, you have a chance to see it come into action.

Use cases

  • Multi-bank Home Banking

    It is the first useful service that a bank can offer to build customer loyalty.

  • Credit Scoring

    Tool to define the risk profile and set a specific interest rate for each client

  • Direct Payment for Ecommerce

    The solution for banks acquiring for merchants on e-commerce sites

  • Data Strategy

    Data analysis services functional to marketing and commercial strategies

  • Advanced Cash-pooling

    Tools to provide companies with a high level of treasury service

  • Reconciliation

    Service for those who make company movements

Works for both payments and access to accounts

Allows PPTs to generate apps to access accounts on third-party banks as an affiliate tool for their clients and then offer their products.

Allows you to obtain an accurate risk profile of those who apply for a mortgage, analyzing buying behaviour and possible unpaid loans.

Provides by default an enrichment of the account flow causation for both private and business customers.

Works independently of card circuits

Allows the bank to offer the possibility of obtaining payments directly to its own account, disintermediating the traditional payment circuits.

Offers advantages in terms of cost and financial reconciliation to both the bank and the merchant

Allows you to suggest a certain type of account or investment to the client, based on multi-account analysis

Allows you to categorize the expenses of a specific cluster of users and propose pricing and competition information to your corporate client.

Allows companies to move money between the different accounts used to manage their operations

Enables the bank to analyze the company’s cash flows on the various accounts, optimizing their management

Allows TTP to request payment of a specific amount from another account

Thanks to in-depth analysis, it prevents potential unpaid claims and requires payment from a specific account that has a sufficient credit balance.

It also facilitates debt recovery procedures

The PSD2 Active Engine transforms and boosts PFM tools

Data visualization, which has always been important, becomes exponentially more powerful with PSD2 and allows for budget analysis to enhance and expand services to users.

psd2 active engine caso illimity

illimity, an exemplary case

It’s the perfect declination of the “open” philosophy promoted by Fabrick that has been chosen by illimity to take full advantage of the opportunities of PSD2 and offer its unique advantages

gestione psd2 grazie al fabrick pass

Discover how to benefit from PSD2 with Fabrick Pass

Thanks to AISP and PISP licenses Fabrick is able to offer also to those who do not work in the financial sector the benefits of PSD2 through innovative solutions in which the technological and regulatory components are integrated in a synergistic and easily usable way.

fabrick pass active engine psd2

We made it suitable for your developers

Open banking has huge potential in terms of creating new digital and personalized banking services, both for retail and corporate customers. For developers there is a wide range of opportunities to build new business.

Why choose Fabrick?

We are the first

Fabrick is the first on the Italian market to offer this solution

AIS unattended

Unattended calls with a proprietary scheduler on behalf of TPP and the data remains on Fabrick’s server

eIDAS certificates

Support service for obtaining or uploading eIDAS certificates for TTPs and banks

Integration at 4 levels

We are the only ones to offer integration of banks not at best effort, but effectively tested and running

Berlin Group Standard

Every TTP developer does not have to worry about knowing the standard adopted by the gateway used

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