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Fabrick works alongside banks, enabling them to implement innovative and cutting-edge solutions that meet compliance criteria more quickly, making the best use of financial and non-financial data, in order to respond promptly to the needs of an increasingly demanding and digitized customer base.

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Compliant in outsourcing  thanks to the automatic update when regulations change

More robust infrastructures from a single API point to owned contingecy machines

Data control Algorithms and big data exponentially more effective

Make the bank as a service

IT heavylifting

Thanks to Fabrick it is possible to find a supplier for more complex architectural functions and to avoid losing new opportunities giving effective and quick answers to new market challenges.


Monetizing data, overcoming service competition, take advantage of technology platforms, developing smart solutions are the main challenges posed by innovation in banking and financial services today, and for which Fabrick stands as a solid and scalable partner.

Our answers to your needs

  • Banking As A Service

    Banks, platforms and third parties together for new financial services

  • SEPA Direct Debit

    Easier and safer collections for recurring payments

  • SME Solutions

    SPIn, SME Banking and Lending place to accelerate your business

  • PSD2 Active Engine

    A set of APIs to better seize the opportunities of PSD2

  • Personal Finance Management

    The AI in the service of the daily management of its customers

  • Smart Banking

    It is the new way of doing banking, completely in White Label

  • PSD2 Compliance Shield

    Quickly and easily meet PSD2 regulatory requirements

  • Card Control

    Gives users control over the transactions on their credit and debit cards

  • Biometric SCA

    Easy and secure authentication of card transactions and bank operations with biometric data

  • Fintech District

    Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem bringing together the most important national and international stakeholders

Even unregulated companies can provide banking services to users.

Very high automation: no interaction required.

APIs developed by Fabrick for an efficient and secure process.

The Fabrick module allows you to connect to any bank to extend the reach of the solution.

The collection operation can take place on any bank, even through a legacy system.

Lower operating costs and maximum IT transparency.–-PACE-.png

SPIn to plan, simulate and monitor every production process in real time and optimise efficiency by innovating.

SME Banking to find banking services designed to meet the specific needs of medium, small and micro enterprises.

Lending Place to meet all the credit needs of companies with a range of diversified, flexible and innovative solutions.–-Banking-as-a-Service-.png

To obtain simplified and homogeneous data, so that it can also be used for the account aggregation, without using internal resources.

To have a proactive attitude, do not undergo regulation and changes but guide them and anticipate innovation by distinguishing yourself on the market.

Processing and enriching data from multiple banks is a challenge and an opportunity to realize a solution at the service of the customer.

A dynamic categorization engine, among the most trained in the Italian banking scene.

A native mobile application, from opening a current account to offering agreed spending deals, for smart customers.

A modular solution, where technologies and licenses can be combined for different needs.

Plug-and-play solution for the realization of the API portal, in full respect of PSD2.

Modular and easily integrated Fallback solution, to avoid risks with the PSD2.

Delivers notifications to cardholders when their cards are used. Allows users to control where, when and how their cards may be used.

Can be deployed for consumer or business card portfolios, as a standalone app or SDK.–-Banking-as-a-Service-.png

Based on mastercard’s IDCM APIs, Fabrick’s solution can be deployed quickly to meet mastercard’s mandate for the biometric authentication of online card transactions.

The solution can also be used for sensitive data operations such as PIN updates, cash withdrawals in- branch, calls to bank call centre etc.–-Payment-.png

In the fintech community you can find collaborations, develop synergies and ask for the help of experts to build a valid launch pad for your project.

Leverage the vertical experiences of industry specialists, with solutions and API packages that can provide cutting-edge technological answers faster.–-Fintech-District-.png

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If you are a bank and you want to continue to be competitive by innovating and expanding your offer so that it can respond in an increasingly effective and specific way to the needs of customers, in Fabrick you will find what you need.