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Fabrick works alongside banks, making it faster to develop new solutions that meet compliance criteria, make the most of data and respond increasingly to customer needs.

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Maximum coverage 100% of Italian banks

More robust infrastructures from a single API point to owned contingecy machines

Data control Algorithms and big data exponentially more effective

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IT heavylifting

Without revolutionizing its internal processes, thanks to Fabrick, it is possible to delegate the heavy lifting of the most complex architectural functions avoiding missing the new opportunities and giving effective and quick answers to the new market challenges


Increasingly, it will be necessary to be ready to build complex solutions quickly, in order to be able to meet new needs and satisfy customers in an innovative way. With Fabrick’s platform and its ecosystem, it is all possible.

Our answers to your needs

  • PSD2 Active Engine

    A set of APIs to better seize the opportunities of PSD2

  • PFM

    A single machine learning – powered engine that helps end users in their daily personal financial management

  • Smart Banking

    The possibility to create and customize a banking platform, offering it on the market with your own brand

  • PSD2 Compliance Products

    Software solution that offers PSD2 compliance to banks and ASPSPs, offering an API interface for TPPs to allow access to the end customer’s account.

To obtain simplified and homogeneous data, so that it can also be used for the account aggregation, without using internal resources

To have a proactive attitude, do not undergo regulation and changes but guide them and anticipate innovation by distinguishing yourself on the market

To apply certain technologies such as AI and machine learning in data visualization, obtaining information and insights quickly and effectively

To meet new customer needs with innovative and customizable functions

To have a ready-made full stack solution available, of which you can choose the desired components, without any effort on the IT side

To promptly deal with the paradigm shift in the customers’ touchpoints, adapting to a context in which digital and mobile prevail

To respond to requests from regulators without involving their IT team, thanks to Fabrick’s plug and play solution

To relieve the regulatory compliance effort quickly and easily, through Fabrick, thus reserving resources and time to innovate

Fabrick is ready for you

If you are a bank and you want to continue to be competitive by innovating and expanding your offer so that it can respond in an increasingly effective and specific way to the needs of customers, in Fabrick you will find what you need.