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Fabrick offers companies that want to improve their management capacity innovative banking-as-a-service solutions enabled by PSD2 and aimed at simplifying and optimizing financial operations.

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A full suite of banking products that goes beyond PSD2

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The technological standard of the API allows to integrate banking operations into digital management processes, facilitating administrative activities and simplifying financial and accounting relationships. 

Cost Optimization

With the integration and simplification of management processes, it is possible to reduce the complexity of routine actions and to improve the operational capacity of its employees. 

Fabrick’s solutions

  • Payments

    Any type of payment of your home banking via API 

  • Virtual Iban

    A new tool for automatic reconciliation via API

  • Payment & Collection Engine

    Omnichannel payments and reconciliation, ready-to-go

Bank payments via API beyond PSD2, including: PagoPA, F24, SDD, CBILL

Transform repetitive administrative tasks into automatic functions of a management software, thanks to APIs–-Payment-.png

Reconciliation enhanced by a unique identification code to read receipts per invoice or per customer

Improve active and passive cycle management by reducing overdraft verification time–-vIBAN-.png

An integrated solution that allows to centralize omni channel flows both inbound and outbound

Offer new revenue management solutions throughout your supply chain–-PACE-.png

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If you are a business and you want to be able to count on innovative banking services to accelerate your business or to explore new market slices, in Fabrick you will find what you need.