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Fabrick offers a platform to build viable and innovative solutions where fintechs can find banking blocks needed to grow their business, expanding their offerings by developing new services and products that meet the needs of their potential customers.

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Modular solutions from Account Management to different payment solutions

Access point to the entire Italian fintech ecosystem and a rich network of players interested in the sector

Flexible and customizable business models from flat fee to revenue sharing

Put banking at hand

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Fabrick and its ecosystem centralize skills and experience in the field of technological innovation in financial services and make them available to support the fintech 

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Enabling technologies

From PSD2 multi-bank services to more complex and advanced banking services, Fabrick is a gateway that simplifies the creation of applications and software

Fabrick’s solutions

  • Banking As A Service

    Banks, platforms and third parties together for new financial services

  • SEPA Direct Debit

    Easier and safer collections for recurring payments

  • Digital mandate

    Collect a payment from the bank via direct debit

  • Fabrick Pass

    New as-a-service solutions enabled by AISP and PISP licenses

  • PSD2 Active Engine – “Account Aggregation”

    A multi-bank service via API

  • Producers

    Specialized services that can be integrated via API

  • Fintech District

    Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem bringing together the most important national and international stakeholders

  • Check Iban

    Innovative solution dedicated to the effective management of recurrent payments

Even unregulated companies can provide banking services to users.

Very high automation: no interaction required.

APIs developed by Fabrick for an efficient and secure process.

The Fabrick module allows you to connect to any bank to extend the reach of the solution.

The collection operation can take place on any bank, even through a legacy system.

Lower operating costs and maximum IT transparency.–-Payment-.png

The digital mandate allows the company to withdraw an amount from the customer’s current account and authorise a payment.

It has legal value thanks to the use of Advanced Electronic Signature and the retention of the document for 20 years.

Can be used throughout Europe and is plug-and-play enabled.–-PACE-.png

Leveraging Fabrick’s licenses, AISP and PISP, it is possible to implement financial services without worrying about regulatory compliance. Fabrick takes care of it!

Thanks to Fabrick ecosystem you can expand your business by developing financial services quickly and easily.–-Producers-.png

Catch the opportunities related to PSD2 by offering your customers an easy to implement multi-bank access.

If data is today’s fuel, multi-bank data is a new trend that can be enriched to create cutting-edge applications.

Through its own ecosystem Fabrick offers through highly specialized producers complementary solutions of the highest value.

To build a complete software solution you need to be able to count on excellent and specialized partners such as those selected by Fabrick.–-Producers-.png

In the fintech community you can find collaborations, develop synergies and ask for the help of experts to build a valid launch pad for your project.

Leverage the vertical experiences of industry specialists, with solutions and API packages that can provide cutting-edge technological answers faster.–-Fintech-District-.png

Instant verification of the actual matching of an IBAN code to a given tax code or VAT number.

All services requiring direct debiting are more agile and efficient.

End-customer satisfaction and loyalty are increased, as the end-customer is able to benefit from a fast and simple service, thereby increasing the number of customers.–-vIBAN-.png

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