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Fabrick offers a platform to build viable and innovative solutions where fintechs can find banking blocks needed to grow their business, expanding their offerings by developing new services and products that meet the needs of their potential customers.

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Modular solutions from Account Management to different payment solutions

Access point to the entire Italian fintech ecosystem and a rich network of players interested in the sector

Flexible and customizable business models from flat fee to revenue sharing

Put banking at hand

Support the business 

Fabrick and its ecosystem centralize skills and experience in the field of technological innovation in financial services and make them available to support the fintech 

Enabling technologies

From PSD2 multi-bank services to more complex and advanced banking services, Fabrick is a gateway that simplifies the creation of applications and software

Fabrick’s solutions

  • Fintech District

    Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem bringing together the most important national and international stakeholders

  • PSD2 Active Engine – “Account Aggregation”

    A multi-bank service via API

  • Banking-a-as-Service

    Advanced banking services via API

  • Producers

    Specialized services that can be integrated via API

  • Payments

    Any type of payment of your home banking via API 

In the fintech community you can find collaborations, develop synergies and ask for the help of experts to build a valid launch pad for your project

Leverage the vertical experiences of industry specialists, with solutions and API packages that can provide cutting-edge technological answers faster–-Fintech-District-.png

Catch the opportunities related to PSD2 by offering your customers an easy to implement multi-bank access 

If data is today’s fuel, multi-bank data is a new trend that can be enriched to create cutting-edge applications.

Banks have been around for centuries. APIs have been around for decades. By merging them together, it is now possible to find over 400 generic and specialist solutions aimed at realizing the finance of the future

Banking, unlimited: accounts, payments, and specialized services that take the PSD2 as a starting point, so as to offer a full suite of solutions that are capable, complete and compliant–-Banking-as-a-Service-.png

Through its own ecosystem Fabrick offers through highly specialized producers complementary solutions of the highest value

To build a complete software solution you need to be able to count on excellent and specialized partners such as those selected by Fabrick.–-Producers-.png

Bank payments via API beyond PSD2, including: PagoPA, F24, SDD, CBILL

Transform repetitive administrative tasks into automatic functions of a management software, thanks to APIs

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If you’re a Fintech and you want to make an impact on the market by expanding your offering and reaching a wider range of potential customers, you’ll find what you need in Fabrick