Collaboration means converting complexity into simplicity by creating innovative and functional solutions. Browse the ones we’ve created with our clients and discover how open banking can enable new ways of doing finance by responding to old needs and new requirements of end customers, whether we are businesses or individuals.



A new way to promote financial well-being

A complete set of APIs to facilitate the provision of payroll deductible products by integrating the information flow from financial institutions with your payroll software.

AcomeA SGR, through its Fabrick and FundsDLT platforms, has successfully completed the testing of subscription and payment of mutual fund shares. This functionality provides for blockchain-based Smart Contracts which implies advantages in terms of both security and speed.


The bank opens up to TTPs that can respond to new customer needs

Banca Sella supports families and entrepreneurs, step by step, in realising their aspirations, meeting all their financial needs.

AppPago enables merchants to provide free payment extensions to their customers directly in-store during the checkout process in just 3 minutes. The solution, based on the Vipera Motif platform, aims to simplify the user experience for both customers and merchants through the combined use of Axerve POS and a mobile merchant application.


The flexibility of instant payments from your phone

Flik Pay is a multi-bank instant payment application used by 10 banks across Slovenia.

Created for Bankart, it allows users to send money from their phone to anyone on their contact list and to pay for purchases in shops.

Banca Progetto

The Challenger Bank of Digital Artisans

The Challenger Bank of Digital Artisans

Banca Progetto is the Italian company that offers digital and innovative banking services through a human and personal approach. Specialised in providing credit to SMEs, it also offers its services to the retail market with a constant search for new technological solutions.


Everyday banking services simplified

Everyday banking services simplified

Through its partnership with Fabrick, BBVA offers its customers a fully digital payment experience that is perfectly adapted to local needs.

BENE Assicurazioni

A flexible, global and secure tool to send and receive money from your smartphone without worrying about IBAN and without any kind of registration.

The platform integrates the most innovative payment methods and allows you to create a smooth process from collection to payment reconciliation. The solution can be integrated with a rewarding platform, which can manage loyalty campaigns, cashback and coupons.

BeSafe Group

Innovative digital solutions for the hospitality sector

The Suite that simplifies the management of accommodation facilities

BeSafe Group has chosen Fabrick to expand its digital offering


Fabrick’s solutions make online car rental easier and smoother

brumbrum is now the first e-commerce for cars in Italy and, thanks to Check IBAN, has improved the shopping experience.

brumbrum is a tech company that wants to offer innovative mobility solutions, strictly online, proposing features that are tailored to the needs of its customers: an innovative and increasingly topical scenario.


Fabrick Pass to reconcile invoices and manage daily administration

CashDirector provides small businesses, professionals and VAT registered companies with a cloud-based digital assistant, powered by an AI engine, for day-to-day administrative and financial management. The aim is to save time and make cash flow control more effective.

The Fabrick Pass, leveraging the AISP and PISP licenses, makes it possible to perform automatic reconciliation functions for invoices and current account movements. It also enables the control of cash flows that characterise CashDirector’s Digital Financial Assistant. It is a cloud-based service powered by an artificial intelligence engine that can be easily integrated into the partner’s digital service offering.

Crédit du Nord

Crédit du Nord has chosen Fabrick’s Identity Check Mobile (IDCM) solution to make biometric authentication available to its credit card customers when authorising remote transactions.

IDCM has been integrated into the "Mon e-paiement sécurisé" app, developed for Crédit du Nord in white-label; the most advanced biometric authentication technologies enable compliance with the strong customer authentication (SCA) and 3DS 2.0 requirements imposed by PSD2 regulations. Customers of the Group’s banks can confirm their identity quickly and easily, with maximum security and no impact on their shopping experience.

Directa SIM

Online trading accessible to all

Online trading accessible to all

Directa SIM, founded in 1995, is one of the first fintechs in the world to allow private investors to operate directly on the markets. Thanks to Fabrick’s API, crediting liquidity to invest is even faster and safer.


A specially developed light bank

DOTS is the online banking App that Fabrick has created in response to BPER Group’s goal of innovation.

An App born from the synergy between BPER Group and Fabrick with which it is possible to manage a card with IBAN combined with an electronic money account, send and receive money and make purchases online or in shops, using a physical card or using the services of Apple Pay and Google Pay. With the DOTS App, now managed by the BPER Group, you can also check, you can also control your finances with an intuitive and straightforward Personal Financial Management (PFM) solution.


The Software House that supports enterprises in their digitisation process

At the service of the digitization of businesses to make them more efficient and competitive

Through the collaboration with Fabrick, Easy4Cloud expands its offerings and launches BancheInCloud, a Business Intelligence platform for the aggregate management of current accounts.


Open-Banking Fabrick Platform services for Fattura24

Fabrick Open-Banking Platform services at the service of Fattura24

Thanks to Fabrick, Fattura24 has been able to implement a fully automated account data import service. Fattura24’s knowledge and proximity to its customers’ needs, combined with the robustness of its multi-bank connection software and Fabrick’s AISP and PISP licenses, will enable the partnership to create new value-added functionalities for freelancers and SMEs.

Genio Diligence

Leader in document certification for credit mediation

Leader in document certification for credit mediation

Leveraging Fabrick’s AISP licence in one-shot mode, Genio Diligence takes a real-time snapshot of the exact economic and financial position of applicants, ensuring the veracity of the information they provide.


Insurance always connected with the customer

The service to identify your online vulnerabilities and the risk of a cyber-attack, the first step to put in place a plan of preventive and corrective actions.

The effectiveness of the proposal allows further implementation of "home insurance" processes and guarantees significant savings in back-office activities The offer that Fabrick’s platform provides to banks is completed by a new advanced asset management service, established as a market leader at national level and among the main operators also at European level.


The perfect declination of the open banking philosophy

illimity Bank is the Illimity Group’s direct, fully digital, branchless bank, based entirely on cloud technology.

illimity Bank is the perfect embodiment of the "open" philosophy proposed by Fabrick and demonstrates in concrete terms how it is a real catalyst for new banking models. Illimity has in fact chosen to present the market with products and services developed independently, but immediately integrating a part dedicated to Fintech products into its offer.


Fabrick’s solutions for real-time cash flow management

Kalaway is a fintech consulting company that, through a proprietary platform, outsources and simplifies the process of accessing bank credit for companies.

Thanks to the integration of Fabrick’s solution, it is able to provide SMEs and corporates with the up-to-date value of their current account balances and soon also the value of the bank’s NFP in real time.


Italy’s leading equity crowdfunding platform reaps the benefits of open banking

Thanks to Fabrick’s modular and innovative solution, Mamacrowd can extend the payment methods offered to its users, improving the overall user experience.

Mamacrowd has recognised Fabrick as a leader in open banking and has been able to work, since the beta version, four-handedly, using its Fabrick Pass solution to improve the experience of its users and confirm itself as not only the most important but also the most innovative platform in its market.


Advanced solutions for automated accounting reconciliation and financial planning

The ideal partner for professionals and organisations

Thanks to the partnership with Fabrick, MustWeb improves financial management services for accountants and businesses.

Net Insurance

Fabrick’s Payment & Collection Engine solution brings the benefits of open finance to the insurance world

Net Insurance, integrando il servizio offerto da Fabrick nei propri sistemi, rende ancora più fluida e semplice la gestione delle più complesse peculiarità del mondo assicurativo.

The insurance company has chosen to integrate Fabrick’s Payment & Collection Engine solution into its systems, thus equipping itself with the broadest possible set of electronic payment tools, optimising and automating the payment process and its reconciliation thanks to centralised and controlled upstream management.


Using Fabrick to manage P2P lending flows in real time

Prestiamoci is Italy’s leading operator of credit between private individuals.

With Fabrick’s solutions it has created an environment in which complex platform operations take place in real time.


Open Finance at the side of corporations

Through Fabrick Pass, the oil company is seizing the opportunities of PSD2 to improve its customers’ shopping experience.

A partnership such as the one between Fabrick and Q8 demonstrates a growing interest in open finance on the part of corporations who have understood the great opportunity this represents to strengthen their market positioning.


Enabling instalment payments on e-commerce financed by private investors

TIM Personal is the new mobile banking solution launched by the Italian Telecom group in partnership with Hype. Tim mobile customers can apply for a prepaid virtual card based on the MasterCard scheme and access services for money management and payments on smartphones.

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