For us, collaboration means converting complexity into simplicity Creating innovative and performing solutions, such as these


BENE Assicurazioni

The platform integrates the most innovative payment methods and creates a seamless process from the collection phase to the payments reconciliation. The solution can be integrated with a rewarding platform, able to manage loyalty, cashback and coupons campaigns.

TIM Personal

TIM Personal is the new mobile banking solution launched by the Italian Telecom group in partnership with Hype. Tim mobile’s customers can request a prepaid virtual card based on the MasterCard scheme and access services for money management and smartphone payments.

App Pago

AppPago enables Merchants to Provide financing to their customers directly in store during the purchase phase in only 3 minutes. The solution, based on Vipera Motif Platform, has the goal of simplifying the user experience for both the customers and the merchants through the combined use of Axerve POS and a Merchant mobile app.


AcomeA SGR has successfully completed the test of subscription and payment of mutual fund units through the Fabrick and FundsDLT platforms. This functionality involves the use of blockchain-based Smart Contracts with advantages in terms of security and speed


BPER Banca has chosen Fabrick to strengthen its digital offering by launching a new light banking proposal mainly aimed at a new, younger public and in search of streamlined, fast and extremely efficient services via smartphone.