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Fabrick Pass to reconcile invoices and manage daily administration

CashDirector provides small businesses, professionals and VAT registered companies with a cloud-based digital assistant, powered by an AI engine, for day-to-day administrative and financial management. The aim is to save time and make cash flow control more effective.

fabrick pass per riconciliare le fatture e gestire l'amministrazione quotidiana

Key Features

CashDirector aims to cooperate with banking and financial partners to help them go ‘beyond banking’, i.e. beyond the traditional service offering, with an approach centred on the needs of small businesses and the ability to offer solutions to manage their business.

The Fabrick Pass, leveraging the AISP and PISP licenses, makes it possible to perform automatic reconciliation functions for invoices and current account movements. It also enables the control of cash flows that characterise CashDirector’s Digital Financial Assistant. It is a cloud-based service powered by an artificial intelligence engine that can be easily integrated into the partner’s digital service offering.

The CashDirector service platform enables small businesses to quickly and efficiently manage their daily administrative and financial tasks. Now, thanks to the partnership with Fabrick, it will be even easier to provide the necessary services to SMEs.

gestione amministrazione e fatture

Why did CashDirector choose Fabrick as a partner?

Fabrick provides its partners with an open ecosystem that enables fast and secure access to open finance and the development of innovative ways to meet the needs of small businesses. That’s why CashDirector turned to Fabrick: to improve processes such as reconciliation of active and passive invoicing and current account movements, and cash-flow control. The benefit for SMEs is significant: they can save time to devote to more relevant business activities and they can manage cash flow and borrowing more effectively when necessary.

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In just four months, the Italian CashDirector platform was developed, implemented and made available to partners interested in integrating it into their small business service offering.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customised financial solutions through a technology framework, the Fabrick platform