Fabrick Customers:

Online trading accessible to all

Directa SIM, founded in 1995, is one of the first fintechs in the world to allow private investors to operate directly on the markets. Thanks to Fabrick’s API, crediting liquidity to invest is even faster and safer.

Key Features

Directa SIM has changed the history of investment in Italy. Today, with over 50,000 accounts open, its mission is to offer everyone the freedom to invest independently through accessible technology.

Directa SIM combines its technological soul with attention to the customer: the use of open banking and open finance to improve the user experience are fundamental aspects of the SIM’s activity.

Through Fabrick’s IBAN Check Directa SIM is able to provide greater security on the necessary anti-money laundering checks.

Through Fabrick’s API, it was possible to eliminate waiting times in order to provide the customer with the necessary liquidity to proceed with investments.

Why did Directa SIM choose Fabrick?

The speed of execution on financial markets has always been a key element in achieving the best performance. Thanks to the set of APIs developed by Fabrick, Directa is able to guarantee its clients the same efficiency in liquidity transactions. Through Check IBAN, Directa SIM is also able to strengthen the internal control procedures that serve to protect the investor.


The partnership between Fabrick and Directa Sim has made it possible to create a system for crediting investment accounts that is faster for the customer and more efficient and functional for Directa Sim.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customised financial solutions through a technology framework, the Fabrick platform.