Fabrick Customers:

The perfect expression of the open banking philosophy

illimity Bank is the direct bank of the illimity Group, totally digital and without branches, based entirely on cloud technology.

Main insights

illimity Bank represents an absolutely new way of doing retail banking, the perfect declination of the “open” philosophy proposed by Fabrick.

illimity has chosen from the outset to present itself on the market with products and services developed independently, but at the same time opening up to Fintech as an integral part of its offer.

The bank’s need was to find a person capable of creating a complete banking information system that would allow the bank to be born “open by design”.

illimity, to those who have activated the illimity connect account aggregation service, provides the Payment Initiation Service (PIS) to make payments from accounts of other banks aggregated in its platform.

Why did illimity choose Fabrick?

A set of APIs able to connect the traditional banking application with fintech solutions.
The modularity of the proposal: being able to choose on which fronts to maintain proprietary control and on which to rely on Fabrick

The results

To have managed, in just one year, to structure a complete banking information system and to migrate customers from Banca Interprovinciale (from which illimity was born through a merger with SPAC).

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform