Fabrick Customers:

Advanced solutions for automated banking reconciliation and financial planning

Thanks to Fabrick’s services, MustWeb has revolutionized the management of the cash-bank journal book for accountants and has simplified financial management services for companies, in line with its objectives: to develop value-added solutions for financial management and improve the daily life of both professionals and businesses.

Key highlights

Fabrick’s advanced multi-bank account and credit card aggregator, used in synergy with MustWeb’s SDI connector (capable of downloading active and passive invoices), offers to end customers high value-added services.

Accountants can benefit from an automated, in-cloud, multiplatform accounting reconciliation, which is compatible with the most modern and widespread management systems of their respective firms. This means that they no longer have to depend on their customers to obtain the necessary banking data.

Companies can operate on a complete financial management system without having to access their home-banking, taking advantage of innovative payment management, treasury and reconciliation tools.

Why did MustWeb choose Fabrick as a partner?

MustWeb has found in Fabrick an expert and advanced partner, which has allowed it to seize all the opportunities enabled by Open Finance, enriching its offering whilst, at the same time, optimizing its services.

MustWeb has always been committed to the development of pioneering services that allow professionals and companies to avoid wasting time and resources in low value-added activities, thus allowing them to stay focused on their core businesses.


Thanks to Fabrick, MustWeb has created the most advanced automated accounting reconciliation service, which enables customers to generate cash-bank journal books compatible with the most used management systems and which allows both accountants and businesses to save plenty of time.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform.