Fabrick Customers:

Using Fabrick to manage P2P lending flows in real time

Prestiamoci is Italy’s leading operator of credit between private individuals. With Fabrick’s solutions it has created an environment in which complex platform operations take place in real time.

Key Features

Prestiamoci’s business model is based on lenders and loan applicants. When an amount is requested, it is divided into several smaller tranches that are then placed on the company’s market and ranked according to risk. Lenders can access and buy the tranches most in line with their profile.

Thanks to Fabrick’s digital mandate and SEPA Direct Debit, Prestiamoci can collect recurring transfers from its loan applicants.

La collaborazione con Fabrick rende il servizio di Prestiamoci sicuro, affidabile e trasparente.

Prestiamoci has chosen Fabrick for its solutions in the API segment. The P2P lending operator can conveniently and securely interface with customers’ banks, manage flows in real time, receive transfers from investors and operate pre-authorised debits on loan applicants’ accounts, thus unlocking the full power of Open Banking and PSD2 protocols.

Why did Prestiamoci choose Fabrick as a partner?

As this is a truly fintech project, the speed of use of the Prestiamoci platform must be very high. Thanks to Fabrick, any service relating to applicant instalment management or investor contributions is done automatically, with a simple click. It is therefore a strategic partnership to ensure the level of service required by customers.


Thanks to Fabrick, Prestiamoci was able to make simple and transparent operations that would otherwise have been time-consuming and would have made access to the credit market problematic for investors and loan applicants. Prestiamoci was able to create an environment in which complex operations are carried out automatically and in real time.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customised financial solutions through a technology framework, the Fabrick platform.