Digital solutions for the innovation of hospitality

New opportunities to simplify reconciliation and payment processes, thanks to Fabrick licenses.

BeSafe Group

BeSafe Group is an insurtech company operating in the hospitality and travel industry. Since 2017, BeSafe Group designs, develops and distributes tech products and software for hospitality operators and their guests, aiming to the digitisation of the services offered.

BeSafe's experience

"The partnership with Fabrick marks an important step for the development of our products. BeSafe Pay is now an even more effective solution for accommodation facilities like hotels, resorts, villas and campsites that rely on bank transfers as their primary payment instrument. Features such as automatic reconciliation and one-click bank transfer payments, insured installment rates and the collection of virtual cards allow for the simplification of the operativity of the structure, make payments safe and fast thanks to PSD2, thus providing hoteliers with an all-in-one solution for everyday operations."

Alessandro Bartolucci
CEO of BeSafe Group


Fabrick's PISP and AISP licences offer BeSafe's accommodation providers new opportunities to simplify reconciliation and payment processes in the world of reservations through a single solution.

Account aggregation – AISP

It provides companies with the access to transactional data for payment reconciliation.

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Payment initiation - PISP

The solution for accepting instant account-to-account (A2A) bank transfers.

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Thanks to its partnership with Fabrick, BeSafe Group now enables operators to offer instant bank transfers as a new payment method for their customers, improving their payment experience.

By means of the Reconciliation Plus feature, the company is able to view in real time reservation payments made by bank transfer or card, avoiding manual checks of receipts and reducing reconciliation time.

"Through our partnership with BeSafe, we are bringing the benefits of Open Finance to the world of hospitality, a sector in which the relationship with the end customer plays a central role. The ability to offer a comprehensive, innovative and versatile service is the discriminate to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market. The digitisation and automation of collection and payment processes, developed through the platform model, represent the strategic lever to achieve this goal."

Giulio Rattone
Chief Business Officer and Head of Open Banking of Fabrick

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