Artificial intelligence to improve business processes

The artificial intelligence and cloud-based digital assistant for routine administrative and financial management.


CashDirector provides small businesses, professionals and VAT holders with a cloud-based digital assistant powered by an AI engine, designed to streamline day-to-day administrative and financial management and achieve a more effective control of cash flows while reducing management time.

The solution

Automatic reconciliation of invoices and account movements is made possible thanks to Fabrick's AISP and PISP licences, which enable CashDirector to monitor the cash flows of the Digital Financial Assistant.

Account aggregation – AISP

The licence that provides cash-flow control and reconciliation between active and passive invoicing.

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The CashDirector platform was developed, implemented and made available to partners interested in integrating it into their small business offering in just four months.

Thanks to Fabrick's licensed AISP service, allowing third-party companies to have access to the customers' bank movements, subject to consent, the platform can access the data account of registered SMEs. This enables CashDirector's customers to automatically reconcile cost and revenue documents and forecast cash flows.

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