Digital neo bank and smartphone app for payments

Thanks to the availability of the Bitpanda API on the Fabrick platform, HYPE enabled its customers new investment opportunities.


HYPE, Italy's leading challenger bank with over 1.7 million customers, was created to simplify everyday money management and redefine it in a modern way.

Hype's experience

"We want HYPE to be a gateway to all financial services and a tool to always seize new opportunities in the area of money management. The integration of Bitpanda confirms this direction and adds an extremely important new piece to give our customers a great service and one more opportunity to put the immobile savings in their checking accounts to good use."

Luca Grampioggia
Deputy CEO of HYPE

The solution

Fintech players can participate in Fabrick's platform as producers and/or consumers of APIs, benefiting from lower integration costs and reduced time to market to implement new use cases and business models.

Fabrick API Platform

The open platform that accommodates and combines proprietary and third-party solutions and services to simplify the co-creation of advanced experiences with financial services.

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Thanks to the availability of Bitpanda's API on the Fabrick platform, HYPE has integrated the services of the Austrian investment platform, allowing its customers to invest in more than 2,500 assets including fractional shares, ETFs and precious metals.

Users who need support in dealing with their first investment transactions can also take advantage of HYPE's various financial education activities, in addition to the Bitpanda Academy.

"Since its inception in 2014, Bitpanda's commitment to rules and technology infrastructure has been maximum, and constant. It has allowed us to grow in a healthy and sustainable way, becoming a benchmark in our industry, thanks in part to our Bitpanda White Label solution, a state-of-the-art investment-as-a-service infrastructure that is the basis of the agreement signed today with Hype. […]."

Eric Demuth
Co-founder and CEO of Bitpanda

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