A modular range of insurance solutions adapted to the needs of individuals and companies

The Net Insurance - Fabrick partnership was created to offer intermediaries a solution to capture all payments and to enable reconciliation of all bank transfers.

Net Insurance


Net Insurance is an insurance company that offers protection solutions for individuals, families, small and medium-sized businesses. Its history, solid financial strength, agility and innovative products and approaches establish Net Insurance as a reference player on the Italian insurance scene.

Net Insurance's experience

“We are very pleased to sign this agreement with a key partner such as Fabrick, a reference player in the Italian fintech ecosystem. The agreement represents an important step in the Company's development strategy. [...] Fabrick's know-how in such a specific sector will help Net Insurance offer clients solutions of increasingly high added value.”

Fabio Pittana

Chief Operating Officer of Net Insurance

The solution

Payment orchestration, in combination with account aggregation service, simplifies the management of financial flows and the allocation of the collections to the different actors involved in the insurance chain. The AISP solution helps users manage accounts more efficiently and enable companies to analyse bank records, improving the customer experience.


Fabrick Payment Orchestra

The platform to optimise and automate collection processes and simplify reconciliation, thanks to centralised and upstream management of end-to-end processes.

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The Net Insurance - Fabrick partnership was born to offer intermediaries a solution to capture all payments and to enable the reconciliation of all bank transfers, within the ERP systems used by the accounts department.  

Net Insurance has become the first company to make use of an Account Aggregation solution to optimise processes with the various banks they operate with, simplifying their management and visibility with a single touch point. 

“Net Insurance has fully grasped the advantages that technological and open innovation bring both in terms of optimising internal processes and expanding their offering to the market. The insurance company has in fact implemented Payment & Collection Engine to effectively respond to the need, which has always characterised the insurance world, to manage premium collection and reconcile policies underwritten across different networks. [...]”


Paolo Zaccardi
CEO of Fabrick

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