Fabrick Customers:

A light bank developed ad hoc

DOTS is the online banking App that Fabrick has created in response to BPER Banca’s goal of innovation.

Main features

DOTS is the result of the collaboration between the traditional banking world and an open banking player like Fabrick, which has been able to respond and give substance to its innovative drive.

Thanks to the possibility of developing DOTS on Fabrick’s open banking platform, it was possible to adopt agile working methods in a more independent context than BPER Banca’s information systems.

With DOTS Fabrick shows itself capable of creating a tool for the management of “daily” banking that allows BPER Banca to approach people who are more distant from the offerings of “traditional” banks (Millennials, Generation Z) and those who, although familiar with digital technology, do not require advanced banking functions.

Innovation never ends and in fact DOTS does not remain just a “product” delivered to the partner, but an “always beta” platform on which Fabrick and BPER Banca can develop new services and new possible business models.

Why was Fabrick chosen as a partner for DOTS?

Fabrick is one of the reference open banking platforms in Italy and beyond. Thanks to the skills, technologies and services already offered by Fabrick, BPER Banca was able to give life to a project like DOTS, customizing and adapting it to its business model. DOTS, as an always beta “platform”, finds in Fabrick the ideal partner to build a common path of continuous growth.

Co-creation of light banking

DOTS is a unique project of its kind: starting from a white-label of API services, the Fabrick team and the BPER Banca team have collaborated by combining their respective skills to co-build a light banking solution, developing its own distinctive features.

Distinctive features

"Saldo Saggio"

A tool to spend consciously by displaying the difference between the available balance and future expenses for the current month. To be used in combination with the spending trend chart that shows expenses, incurred and expected, and income for the entire month, day by day.

Advanced Address Book

A single point where you can find all the information you need to comfortably make payments, starting from the list of contacts in the phonebook. Each contact can contain the following information: Name, Mobile, Email, Current Account (so IBAN, even more than one), predefined category TAGs (e.g. family, school, home, etc.).

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is an B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that foster the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology backbone, the Fabrick platform