Fabrick Producer:

Conto Lingotto

Powered by Confinvest, the only professional gold operator listed on the Italian Stock Exchange

Simplified savings in physical gold dedicated to the mass market

Conto Lingotto is the innovative Fintech solution by Confinvest F.L. dedicated to physical investment gold. Developed from a PSD2 and Open Banking perspective with the use of an API structure, it aims to facilitate access to physical gold trading on the mass market.

The collaboration between Fabrick and Conto Lingotto allows all financial, banking or fintech players to easily integrate the physical investment gold (bullion) brokerage service via API, offering its users the possibility of starting a position in physical gold, also guaranteeing the delivery of the metal at home, through the Fabrick platform.

A simple service, for everyone

«We are very satisfied with the agreement reached, demonstrating the commitment made to date for the creation of a white label solution and how the Company intends to always rely on the best partners, offering users the best possible solution in terms of both functionality and reliability. […] The partnership with Fabrick offers Confinvest a consistent competitive advantage linked to innovation and the consequent simplicity of the service used by clients».

Simone Manenti,

Great opportunities

Conto Lingotto’s services are available via API on the Fabrick’s platform, accessible to a vast audience of banking and financial operators that want to offer their customers new, flexible and economical savings and investment solutions.


Banks and financial players

Integration into all the partner’s App and Web platforms

Ability to offer clients access to physical gold investment through their own channels

Conto Lingotto, through Confinvest, guarantees a service managed in full outsourced mode and 100% paid for by the latter

Possibility to customize the front end with the partner’s brand and visual identity

End customers

Buy physical gold at any time, directly from a PC or smartphone

Reselling at any time by bank transfer to your account

100% Insured vault storage

Delivery of the accumulated gold in the form of certified LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) bars by security courier

Producer APIs

Through Conto Lingotto’s APIs, fintech or banking players will be able to easily integrate Conto Lingotto’s functions into their own App or platform, even in white-label mode, guaranteeing a 100% compliant and fully outsourced* service for investing in physical gold per gram, resale, custody, accumulation plans, and insured delivery of bars to users.

*Managed services include compliance, anti-money laundering, invoicing, inventory, onboarding, KYC and customer

Shaping finance, together

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