Fabrick Customers:

Creditis Open Digital, the solution for digital consumer credit

Creditis offers financing solutions such as personal loans, salary assignment, and revolving credit cards digitally both in the direct market and through partner banks and a network of agents. The new Creditis Open Digital platform, enabled by Fabrick services, combines agility for customers and intermediaries with security and compliance.

Key highlights

The platform, “Open by design” by nature, can be directly integrated into the offerings of credit institutions that want to provide personal loans to their customers, maintaining complete ownership of customer relationships and reducing costs, adhesion times, and service delivery.

By taking advantage of Fabrick’s identity authentication services via SPID and the Check IBAN solution (instant verification of the combination of an IBAN code with a specific Tax Code or VAT number), the identity verification steps are fully digitized and streamlined, reducing the risk of error.

All services related to risk control, compliance, and loan disbursement are guaranteed directly by Creditis.

Why did Creditis choose Fabrick as a partner?

«Users need a process that is as agile and understandable as possible, even for less digitized people; while for banks, speed must be associated with compliance with customer identification policies and the ability to assess their solvency competently and with professionalism: Creditis ‘Open Digital’ solution satisfies all these needs and takes advantage of the easy integration of the service into the offerings of financial intermediaries».

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that facilitate the co-creation of customized financial solutions through a technology framework, Fabrick platform.