Fabrick Customers:

HYPE integrates Bitpanda’s offering thanks to Fabrick

HYPE, Italy’s leading neo-bank with more than 1.7 million customers, decided to meet the needs of its Community, who asked for new possibilities to make investments directly from the app. To meet these needs, HYPE turned directly to Fabrick’s Open Platform. 

Key Features

Thanks to the availability of Bitpanda’s APIs on the Fabrick’s platform, HYPE has integrated the services of the Austrian investment fintech, thus expanding its offerings by allowing customers to invest in more than 2,500 resources including fractional stocks and ETFs, and buy precious metals, with any amount.

HYPE is the first Italian company to seize the opportunities arising from Bitpanda’s white label offering and provide value-added services to its customers, who now can employ their saved cash in new ways.

Users who need support in dealing with their first investment transactions will also be able to take advantage of HYPE’s financial education activities, which are complemented by the Bitpanda Academy.

Why did HYPE choose Fabrick as its partner?

“We want HYPE to be the gateway to all financial services and a tool to always seize new opportunities in the money management field. The integration of Bitpanda’s offering confirms this direction and adds an extremely important new layer to give our customers a great service and one more opportunity to capitalize on real estate savings in their current accounts”.

Luca Grampioggia, Deputy CEO, HYPE


Through Fabrick’s Open Finance platform, HYPE was able to easily integrate Bitpanda’s White Label solution allowing customers to invest their savings in real time, 24/7, even when the markets are closed.

Shaping finance, together

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