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A partnership serving banks and fintechs

The collaboration between Prestatech and Fabrick’s open banking platform allows banks and fintechs to integrate the statement parsing solution as easily and quickly as possible.

The parsing service is a program capable of performing automatic processing of documents in digital format, so as to extract the date content and make it available for data analytics activities.

The Prestatech APIs available on the Fabrick platform, enable the transformation of statements into structured data-sets, providing the interoperability and information sharing that would be achieved with PSD2 aggregators. This is particularly relevant in all credit assessment processes that rely on transactional data.

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A unique collaboration in the world of Open Banking

“We are very excited about this partnership with a dynamic and innovative company like Fabrick; our statement parsing and anti-fraud services are unique in the world of Open Banking as a complementary channel to PSD2 and confirm the strong interest in our technology from the business community.”

Luca Terragni,

The centrality of digital credit

Learn more about the details of the integration, benefits and business model of the solution born from this partnership.

I vantaggi

Parsing for bank statements enables banks and fintechs to implement a new automated credit assessment process based on artificial intelligence.

The analysis time is much faster and consequently so is the resolution to the end user.

Newly available data enable better user insight and the development of more customized solutions.

Prestatech’s statement parsing API also incorporates an anti-fraud service to check for manipulation activity on the file itself and thus to prevent adverse selection phenomena.

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Producer API

With Prestatech’s API, the Fabrick platform is enriched with a new service that enables banks and fintechs to improve their credit assessment processes.

The service developed is a transactional data access channel complementary to Fabrick’s PSD2 and offers the ability to maximize access to their customers’ data and information.

Prestatech’s statement parser is also easily integrated into client banks’ existing architectures due to the solution’s OpenAPI format.

Shaping finance, together

Fabrick is a B2B2C ecosystem of skills, technologies and services that facilitate the co-creation of customized financial solutions through the Fabrick platform